Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Lawrence Party launches new campaign direction with inspirational video.

After last week’s disappointing campaign launch experience, the Lawrence Party has convened a relaxed think tank this week in Auckland, to get the Lawrence campaign kicked off in a more chilled-out manner than the admittedly slightly overbearing Tauranga blimp fiasco.

During a long series of video Skype sessions with urban Maori elders, Facebook chat sessions with high school students around the country, a fantastic afternoon “repar-tea” with the wonderful women from the La Leche League Newmarket Branch, and a hilarious evening spent with the Mad Butcher and the entire Warriors squad, the Lawrence Party began to draw together the threads of the new campaign strategy.

A campaign strategy that we believe will throw into stark relief just how out of touch with mainstream New Zealand all the other parties really are...

Inaugurating a new era of pragmatic populism in New Zealand politics, through the medium of song and inspirational images, the Lawrence Party presents its campaign launch video, directed by Stephen Ballantyne, the Leni Riefenstahl of New Zealand political film making.

Featuring the irrepressible sex appeal of the Lawrence Party’s Angry Young Men, “The Beautiful Young Crew,” as they will come to be known in future generations, the video presents a bold aesthetic, a vision for the 21st Century that is invigorating and dynamic, like grapefruit juice, or the exciting, sophisticated scent of Blue Stratos.

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Darian said...

I've always had faith in the cult of personality. You have my vote.